Winamp Lives! (Winamp Download Mirror)

Winamp has been my go-to music player since around 2005 (maybe even earlier, I don't remember). It's features are well beyond that of iTunes or Windows Media Player. I don't think it should die now, but AOL has shown it does not care about Winamp anymore. Winamp was sold along with the Shoutcast services and tech to Radionomy, where it lives now.

This is where this website comes in. I've used the wonderful GNU wget to obtain a copy of all the Shoutcast and Winamp downloads from

UPDATE TWO: There was a beta releaseed for Winamp 5.8.

Originally a beta was leaked on the internet for Winamp 5.8. The remaining Winamp team as a result released an official beta.

This build ended up mostly moving away from paid media decoders, fixing crashes and compatibility with newer releases of Windows. All previously "Pro" functionality was also removed.

As a result of moving away from the paid media decoders, Winamp now depends on the Media Foundation library for decoding AAC audio, as well as H.264 and MPEG-4 Part 2 video. Media Foundation is only available in Windows Vista and later, so these functions will only be avaiable in Windows Vista and later.

Additional information on this release is available on the 5.8 beta release thread on the Winamp forums.

Although Radionomy has seemed to secure ownership of, I have also mirrored this version, available only in an English only release.

UPDATE: The linked files are now the "redux" versions that were released after 5.666.

More information on these patches can be found at the 5.666 release thread on the Winamp forums.

So now you must decide what you'd like to do:

Browse Files.

Browse through the files from manually.

Download Full Installer

The Full version has all the features. If you have a Pro key, this is the installer for you.

Download Lite Installer

The Lite version has no skin support, and the appearance of Winamp 2.x.

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